Big match review: HOYO Oita 2-0 Fujieda MYFC

Toshihide Saito in action against HOYO Oita

Toshihide Saito in action against HOYO Oita

Fujieda MYFC suffered their fifth loss on the season after a 2-0 defeat away to HOYO Oita. It seemed that in a game of very few chances, Fujieda suffered from the long journey south to Oita and were comprehensively beaten by a side who surely would have expected a much tougher test.

The away side reverted to their familiar 4-2-3-1 system but were unchanged in personnel. Kerlon was on the bench again, nearing ever closer to a return to action but with just four other players on the bench, options were set to be limited. Alan was not included in the squad for the first time this season and captain Shinji Tominari missed out again.

HOYO Oita went for an attacking 4-3-3 lineup to begin, with top scorer Yatsunori Shimaya supported by Yudai Nakashima and Yuta Nakano in a front three with a combined seven goals and two assists so far.

The home side got the break through in the 22nd minute when Masaya Sato gave away a penalty and was subsequently booked. Shimaya converted the spot kick for his six goal of the season.

Toshihide Saito held off making any changes and could live to regret that as HOYO doubled their lead in the 66th minute. It was another of the front three who scored, this time it was Nakano who got it first of the season.

In the following nine minutes, Saito threw on Kerlon, Kazushi Uchida and Oha in attempt to claw their way back into the game but it was too late. Not even a player of Kerlon’s quality could change the game and he was unlikely to be fully fit anyway.

HOYO Oita (4-3-3) – Himeno; Tanaka, Fukumoto, Miyata, Hasegawa; Fukushima (Matsumoto 81′), Fukumitsu (Koga 79′), Iguchi; Nakano, Nakashima (Tagami 88′), Shimaya

Fujieda MYFC (4-2-3-1) – Murao; Saito (Uchida 72′), Sato, Mochizuki (Kerlon 68′), Nakatsuru; Narabayashi, Ishii, Hisatomi, Murase, Okuda; Nishiyama (Oha 75′)

Final score: HOYO Oita 2-0 Fujieda MYFC

Scorers: Shimaya 23 (pen)’, Nakano 66′

Attendance: 310

Next game: Sunday 2nd June 1pm (5am UK time) – Zweigen Kanazawa (home)

Well a very disappointing result for Fujieda who are clearly struggling with injuries. Kerlon is not fully fit, Alan was not available this week and Tominari continues to miss out, which is a big blow missing the captain who was a solid base in defence before missing the last three games.

That said, it is a part of football and MYFC need to be able to deal with it in order to have a successful season. Next week Saito’s men are back at the Fujieda Citizen Groun at home to Zweigen Kanazawa who beat Sony Sendai 2-1 yesterday.


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