Big match review: SC Sagamihara 3-1 Fujieda MYFC

Without Oha, Kerlon or Toshihide Saito, Fujieda struggled to a 3-1 loss to SC Sagamihara. The result means MYFC lose the chance move up the table as Sagamihara continue to impress in their debut Japan Football League season.

Striker Oha was suspended, Saito dropped to the bench and Kerlon was on the bench for the third week running. Shinji Tominari replaced Saito in defence but Takahisa Nishiyama remained as captain for the match.

Most of the action happened in the second half but the home side did take the lead in the first half in the 30th minute. Masataka Tamura scored his first goal of the season to give his side the lead going into the half time break.

Half time saw Tominari replaced by Masaya Sato in defence. This was probably because it was Tominari’s first start for a few weeks and he is not completely fit yet.

The game remained 1-0 25 minutes into into the second half and Saito had brought Yuta Murase and Kosei Arita for Darijiou Okuda and Nishiyama pushing for the win.

But this seemed to top the balance and Sagamihara subsequently doubled their lead. This time it was Yuki Matsumoto who scored, his eighth of the season.

Five minutes later though in the 85th minute, Fujieda managed to pull one back. Murase was played in down the left wing. He gathered the ball and then fired a cross into the box. The ball met Takumi Hashimoto’s head who beat the opposing ‘keeper to the ball to score his second of the season.

Just a minute later though, the home side put the game beyond all doubt when midfielder Keita Sogabe got his fifth of the season.

SC Sagamihara (4-4-2) – Morita; Amano, Hashimoto, Tamura, Ozawa; Sogabe, Sano, M. Suzuki, Yoshimura (K. Suzuki 89′); Gokyu (Moriya 74′), J. Suzuki (Matsumoto 59′)

Fujieda MYFC (4-4-2) – Murao; Narabayashi, Fujimaki, Tominari (Sato 45′), Nakatsuru; Ishii, Hisatomi, Hashimoto, Okuda (Arita 77′); Alan, Nishiyama (Murase 59′)

Final score: SC Sagamihara 3-1 Fujieda MYFC

Scorers: Tamura 30, Matsumoto 80, Hashimoto 85′, Sogabe 86′

Attendance: 1,341

Next game: Sunday 21st July 3pm (7am UK time), Tochigi Uva (home)

A disappointing loss but a chance to bounce back next weekend at home to bottom club Tochigi Uva.


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