Following Fujieda celebrates 50 posts!

It has been an up and down season for Fujieda MYFC but a very entertaining one to write about. This is the 50th post on this blog and this will be a good time to summarise the events of the season so far (taking inspiration from We Are Gifu).

6 – The number of goals each scored by Fujieda’s two Brazilians, Alan and Kerlon.

31 – Number of goals scored by Fujieda in the league this season, only four teams have scored more.

34 – Number of goals conceded by Fujieda, only two teams have conceded more.

4 – The number of new signings since the start of this blog. Araujo and Williams signed and left without playing, Nigerian striker Oha scored on his debut and defender Kanta Takahashi made his first appearance last week.

1,500 – The number of hits on this site at the time of writing.

683 – The number of those hits which have come from Japan, higher than from any other country.

1,771 – The number of minutes Toshiya Ishii has played this season, more than any other Fujieda player.

40 – The age of player/manager Toshihide Saito, yet he has made 12 appearances this season, losing just two of those.

0 – The number of appearances made by Daisuke Ichikawa this season. The defender has been injured all year.

27 – The number of full Japanese caps in the squad, 17 for Toshihide Saito and 10 for Daisuke Ichikawa.

9 – The amount of goals scored in Fujieda’s highest scoring game of the season so far, a 6-3 win over Blaublitz Akita.

39 – The number of yellow cards received by Fujieda players this year, 5 by Ken Hisatomi.


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