Big match review: Fujieda MYFC 0-0 HOYO Oita

Today’s match at the Fujieda Sports Park Complex ended with a goalless draw between Fujieda MYFC and HOYO Oita.

Well let’s start with the positives. This draw makes it three matches unbeaten. Kerlon made his first appearance, albeit off the bench, after five weeks out and Fujieda kept a clean sheet. The bad news was that they did not score and it was only a point in a game where Fujieda really should have been getting a win.

Oh and Kanta Takahashi got sent off in the first half. Or could that be good news? The fact that they did not concede despite being down to ten men for over half of the match.

The team that was on the bench featured one change from the draw with Honda Lock last week and that was captain Shinji Tominari coming in for Shogo Nakatsuru. In addition, the squad list indicated a switch to a 4-3-3 system but it was likely that the usual 4-4-2 would still be used.

Oita solved their defensive problems by replacing the two suspended players, Junya Tanaka and Kosuke Fukumoto, by giving Keisuke Nishiguichi his first appearance of the season and by dropping Toyoki Hasegawa from midfield to defence.

Takahashi’s red card was the only real talking point of the match. In just his third appearance for the side, he picked up his second booking of the season in the 25th minute for unsporting behaviour. He then received his marching orders twelve minutes later when he was given his second yellow card of the match.

This left MYFC with a gap in defence which Daijirou Okuda filled in until half time when Yuki Okada replaced Takahisa Nishiyama.

The second half saw the away side try take advantage of their opponent’s red card and saw the hosts in reply try and hang on for a point. Oha was replaced by defender Nakatsuru to try and aid the attempt for a point.

With seven minutes to go, the substitute was substituted when Okada was replaced by Kerlon for his first appearance after missing five games through injury.

Despite the onslaught, nine shots coming in the second half from Oita, Fujieda held on to their clean and managed to battle to a draw, which in the circumstances was probably a good result for the home side.

Fujieda MYFC (4-3-3) – Murao; Tominari, Fujimaki, Takahashi, Narabayashi; Ishii, Hisatomi, Okuda; Hashimoto, Nishiyama (Okada 45′ (Kerlon 83′)), Oha (Nakatsuru 59′)

HOYO Oita (4-4-2)- Himeno; Nishiguichi, Hino, Miyata, Hasegawa; Fukushima, Fukumitsu, Iguchi, Hamanaka; Koga (Nakashima 74′), Yamase (Shimaya 78′)

Final score: Fujieda MYFC 0-0 HOYO Oita


Attendance: 903

Next game: Sunday 11th August, Zweigen Kanazawa (away)

I think Fujieda will be happy with that draw. There’s no doubt they would have liked to have won that and I think that might have if Takahashi had not been sent off as the side had nine shots themselves in the first half before they had to try and hang on for a draw.

Next week will be tough away to fourth place Zweigen Kanazawa.


2 thoughts on “Big match review: Fujieda MYFC 0-0 HOYO Oita

  1. According to a news, Verdy Tokyo, a team of J League Division 2 considers to acquire Kerlon in this summer. Kerlon joins the team practice of the team this week. As Kerlon is a talented player, he should play at higher tier. But I feel sorry if he leaves MYFC.

    • Yes I will be sad to see him go if he does leave Fujieda but the club have done well to keep him this long. He is a good player and deserves to play in a higher division.

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