Big match review: Zweigen Kanazawa 4-1 Fujieda MYFC

Fujieda were well beaten by an inform Zweigen Kanazawa side yesterday as two late goals meant the home side won the match 4-1, extending their unbeaten streak even further.

Toshihide Saito made his long awaited return to the starting lineup after missing the last four matches. He replaced the suspended Kanta Takahashi in defence. There was also a change in goal with Daichi Shibata coming in for Tatsuya Murao as the two continued to share the number one shirt.

Alan returned from his suspension to replace Takahisa Nishiyama up front and as expected, Kerlon was not in the squad.

Fujieda knew this would be a tough game and it did not take long for the home side to take the lead. In the 26th minute, Kota Sugawara was set up by Asuki Oishi for his seventh goal of the season.

However, ten minutes later, MYFC stunned their hosts by scoring an equaliser. This time it was forward Oha who set up Ken Hisatomi for his fourth goal of the season. Fujieda managed to keep this until half time and there’s no doubt that Saito would have been happy with that.

Seven minutes into the second half, the Nigerian was replaced by Takahisa Nishiyama up front which may have upset the balance of the game as just six minutes after the change, the hosts were back in front. Kazuhiro Sato scoring his seventh goal of the season after being set up from a long ball from the goalkeeper Motofumi Ohashi.

The visitors then made a change in defence with Shogo Nakatsuru replacing Shogo Fujimaki in the 70th minute. This change did not help solidify the back four though as in the final ten minutes, MYFC caved in.

First provider turned goal scorer as Oishi scored in the 81st minute. Kosei Arita then came on for Alan to provide some fresh legs for the away side but it could not prevent Sato scoring his second of the match three minutes from time to give Zweigen a comfortable 4-1 win.

Zweigen Kanazawa (3-4-3) – Ohashi; Yoshikawa, W. Sugawara, Kang; Awatari, Ochi, Otsuki, Oishi (Yamashiro 87′); Kiyohara, K. Sugawara (Y. Saito 80′), Sato (M. Saito 89′)

Fujieda MYFC (4-4-2) – Shibata; Tominari, Fujimaki (Nakatsuru 70′), Saito, Narabayashi; Ishii, Hisatomi, Okuda, Hashimoto; Alan (Arita 85′), Oha (Nishiyama 52′)

Final score: Zweigen Kanazawa 4-1 Fujieda MYFC

Scorers: Sugawara 28′, Hisatomi 38′, Sato 58′, 87′, Oishi 81′

Attendance: 3,122

Next game: Sunday 15th September, Blaublitz Akita (home)

A loss and not the best way to get out into the JFL summer break but Toshihide Saito must have known this would have been a tough game so he can’t be too disappointed.

Attention now switches to the prefectural cup. Fujieda will be taking part from the semi final stage in the Shizuoka competition, at the end of the month, to try and earn a place in this year’s Emperor’s Cup.


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