JFL review: Fujieda MYFC 1-2 Yokohama SCC

Sorry it’s late!

Takumi Hashimoto celebrating his goal

Takumi Hashimoto celebrating his goal

After an impressive victory over Blaublitz Akita last week, Fujieda MYFC disappointingly fell to a 2-1 loss at home to Yokohama SCC, with two second half goals sealing the result.

Toshihide Saito decided to go with the same team as last week to try and build on the victory. The system was altered slightly though as Alan dropped into midfield to make a 4-5-1 system.

The away side also went for a 4-5-1 formation with Kazuma Inoue up front who had five goals before the match.

Fujieda got off to a flying start. Just ten minutes into the match, Takumi Hashimoto gave the hosts the lead. The midfielder scoring for the second week in a row.

Fujieda kept the lead going into the half time break and the second half began without either side making any changes.

The second half did not start well for the home side though, as in the 53rd minute, YSCC were level. Shoiti Koshimizu levelled the game with his fourth goal of the season.

Saito responded by making two substitutions, Alan was replaced by Hiroki Narabayashi in midfield and Shogo Fujimaki, who was having little impact up front, was replaced by Akira Toshima.

However, they did not have the desired effect and ten minutes after their first, YSCC took the lead. This time it was midfielder Goki Tomozawa who got on the scoresheet. It was the midfielder’s second goal of the season.

Following the visitor’s goal, the frustration built for Fujieda with three quick bookings. Saito, Narabayashi and goalkeeper Daichi Shibata, were all booked within six minutes of the third goal of the match.

Saito replaced himself after his booking for Yuta Murase to try and offer more attacking threat but despite having seven more shots than their visitors, it was not enough and YSCC had their first victory in six.

Alan in action

Alan in action

Fujieda MYFC (4-5-1) – Shibata; Okuda, Uchida, Saito (Murase 67′), Sato; Ishii, Nakatsuru, Hashimoto, Hisatomi, Alan (Narabayashi 53′), Fujimaki (Toshima 57′)

YSCC (4-5-1) – Minami; Watanabe, Shirai (Iimoura 90+1), Iike, Nishiyama; Yoshida, Ozawa, Yoshino (Aota 63′), Koshimizu, Tomozawa; Inoue (Ito 80′)

Final score: Fujieda MYFC 1-2 Yokohama SCC

Scorers: Hashimoto 10′, Koshimizu 53′, Tomozawa 63′

Attendance: 1,128

Next game: MIO Biwako Shiga (home)  06/10/13 1pm/5am


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