Fujieda MYFC 2013 season numbers

The 2013 season may be over but it will certainly not forgotten. The Emperor’s Cup run, the emergence of Oha and not forgetting the announcement of Fujieda’s acceptance into next year’s J. League Division 3.

This post will look back at some of the highs and lows of this season and review some of the best action.

The focus of this will be to look at all the numbers that are important from the 2013 season.

Matches played
P34 W9 D9 L16 F40 A58 GD-11 Pts36 – Result: 13th
Home points: 22 Away points: 14
Clean sheets: 8
Average goals scored per match: 1.18 Average goals conceded per match: 1.71
Failed to score: 10
Biggest victory: 6-3 v Blaublitz Akita Biggest defeat: 5-1 v FC Ryukyu
Highest home league attendance: 1,563 v Honda FC (14/04/13)
Lowest home league attendance: 565 v Fukushima United (20/10/13)
Average home league attendance: 953
Yellow cards: 52 Red cards: 4

Shizuoka Prefecture Cup: P2 W2 D0 L0 F4 A2 – Result: winners
Emperor’s Cup: P2 W1 D0 L0 F3 A4 – Result: second round

Total appearances (league + cups)

36 matches:
Takahisa Nishiyama

35 matches:
Ken Hisatomi & Daijirou Okuda

34 matches:
Toshiya Ishii

31 matches:
Hiroki Narabayashi & Shogo Nakatsuru

30 matches:
Masaya Sato

29 matches:
Shinji Tominari

28 matches:

25 matches:
Shogo Fujimaki & Yuta Murase

24 matches:
Takumi Hashimoto

22 matches:
Tatsuya Murao

17 matches:
Toshihide Saito

16 matches:
Hiroyuki Ishida & Daichi Shibata

14 matches:
Kerlon & Oha

12 matches:
Akira Toshima

11 matches:
Kazushi Uchida

9 matches:
Daisuke Ichikawa & Kosei Arita

8 matches:
Takahiro Tanio

7 matches:
Yuki Okada

4 matches:
Ryuji Mochizuki & Kanta Takahashi

1 match:
Manato Takahashi

Total goals (league + cups)
Minutes per league goal in brackets

Six goals:
Kerlon, Alan & Ken Hisatomi

Five goals:
Takahisa Nishiyama

Four goals:
Shogo Fujimaki  & Takumi Hashimoto

Three goals:
Yuta Murase

Two goals:
Hiroki Narabayashi, Masaya Sato, Oha & Hiroyuki Ishida

One goal:
Toshihide Saito, Kazushi Uchida, Shinji Tominari, Takahiro Tanio & Akira Toshima

Red cards (league + cups)

One red card:
Alan, Hiroyuki Ishida, Daijirou Okuda & Kanta Takahashi

There will be another post soon which will also review the 2013 season but in an awards format with more text and a lot less numbers.


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