Fujieda MYFC 2013 season awards

As we continue our review of the 2013 season, it’s time for the first ever Fujieda MYFC end of season awards.

Player of the season – Ken Hisatomi


Never spectacular and nothing special but Ken Hisatomi has been incredibly consistent throughout an up and down season for Fujieda.

He started in all but three matches in the JFL this year and he featured in all four cup matches.

Usually deployed in centre midfield, the former Matsumoto Yamaga player contributed five goals and five assists in the league, including a strike in the 3-3 draw against arch rivals Honda FC.

He also scored in the thrilling 3-2 win over Hamamatsu University in the Shizuoka Cup semi-finals to help Fujieda progress into the final.

Now with the club heading for J3, Hisatomi will surely be crucial if the club is to have any success in inaugural season.

Young player of the season – Oha

Oha in action

Oha (number 30)

Although his time at the club was brief, just four months, Oha made an instant impact when he signed for MYFC at the end of April.

Coming as a substitute at half time to make his debut against Nagano Parceiro, the team was losing 1-0.

However, they were not losing for much longer as the 18 year old changed the game. His goal (see goal of the season award) in the 70th minute ended up winning the match for Fujieda.

The Nigerian soon became a fan’s favourite with his abrasive style challenging the best of JFL defenders, although it did see him pick up four bookings.

Goal of the season – Oha (v Nagano Parceiro 28/04/13)

I may not have seen all of Fujieda’s goals this season but you’d have to go a long way to beat Oha’s debut goal. On the half volley and it was the winning goal. A great way to introduce yourself to the Fujieda faithful.

Match of the season – Shimizu S-Pulse 2-0 Fujieda MYFC (07/09/13)

It may have been a loss but seeing Fujieda mix it with one the big boys was really something special. It’s fair to say Fujieda held their own too, losing only 2-0 to a J1 side is a good effort – especially as S-Pulse didn’t score until the 72nd minute.

The match was a culmination of three matches of hard work. Fujieda over came Hamamatsu and rivals Honda FC to qualify for the Emperor’s Cup. MYFC then come back from 2-0 down against Arterivo Wakayama to win in extra time in order to make it through to play S-Pulse.

There were many other contenders for match of the season. Fujieda’s 6-3 away win over Blaublitz Akita, with Kerlon scoring two and Alan grabbing a hat trick in June, will not be forgotten.


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