2014 pre season friendlies

Updated 25/03/14

Just a quick update on Fujieda’s plans for pre-season. Three friendlies have already taken place with two more still to come. Many of these friendlies are played at neutral venues.

25th January 2014
Shizuoka Sangyo University 0-4 Fujieda MYFC

31st January 2014
Matsumoto Yamaga 0-1 Fujieda MYFC

6th February 2014
Fujieda MYFC 3-2 Gyeongju Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power FC

11th February 2014
Fujieda MYFC 0 – 4 Gwangju FC

16th February 2014
Fujieda MYFC 0-2 AC Nagano Parceiro

22nd February 2014
Fujieda MYFC 3-2 Tokoha University (Hamamatsu Campus)

23rd February 2014
Fujieda MYFC v Yokkaichi University

27th February 2014
Fujieda MYFC 3-2 Shizuoka University

1st March 2014
Fujieda MYFC 1-0 MIO Biwako Shiga

Note: most of these matches have and will not be played in the conventional two 45 minute halves format. Many are split into 3 or 4 periods of varying minutes. This means the scores displayed here, may not be entirely correct.


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