J3 Review: Machida Zelvia 3-0 Fujieda MYFC

The Fujieda XI before kick off

Competitive action is back. The eagerly anticipated first match of the J3 is upon us. You can just imagine how long the Fujieda MYFC players, fans and staff have been looking forward to it.

So the match against Machida Zelvia starts. The talking finally stops. In fact every thing stops for MYFC. Just one minute into the match the home side takes the lead.

Despite all the preparation done by Musashi Mizushima for his first league game in charge of Fujieda, he is powerless as Zelvia score in the first minute of their first ever J3 match.

The goal will also go down as the first ever goal scored in J3. It will also go down as the first ever goal conceded. Not a record Fujieda would have wanted.

Ken Hisatomi in action

It was a nightmare start to the season for MYFC and after a debut goal from Keisuke Endo put Zelvia in the lead,  the match did not get much better from a Fujieda point of view.

Koji Suzuki missed a penalty in the 26th minute but in the 53rd minute, Takafumi Suzuki’s first league goal since August 2012 doubled Zelvia’s lead anyway.

Then after both wingers had scored for the hosts, striker Tetsuya Kijima scored four minutes later to extend Zelvia’s lead to three goals. The forward managed just two goals all last season in 20 matches but it now looks like this season could be far more profitable.

The rest of the match was rather uneventful. There were no yellow or red cards in the entire game. It was fair to say though Zelvia desevered their win, having 18 shots to Fujieda’s 5.

The starting lineup for MYFC included five players from last year’s side but just three of the starting XI had previous J League experience. The average of Fujieda’s XI was just 23.7. Zelvia’s was 26.8.

It was start to most of the players’ careers in the J League but one which they can certainly learn from. There’s still a long way to go and plenty of time for Mizushima’s young side to gel.

Machida Zelvia (4-4-2) – Takahara; Harada, Taira, Fukatsu, Hoshino; T Suzuki (Yoshii 86′), Otake, Ri, Endo (Fujita 67′); Kijima (Nakajima 79′), K Suzuki (Todaka 28′)

Fujieda MYFC (4-4-2) – Park; Sato, Ando (Okuda 74′), Kutsukake, Narabayashi; Hisatomi, Marumoto (Nishiyama 58′), Mizuki, Hashimoto; Mansho, Tanio (Nakatsuru 65′)

Final score: 3-0
Scorers: Endo 1′, T Suzuki 53′, Kijima 57′

Attendance: 4,569

Next match: J League U22 team (home) 16/03/14

Well a harsh welcome to J3 for Fujieda but it was always going to be a tough match. Zelvia are a good team and will surely be challenging this season for promotion.

Positives can be taken though. It was good to blood many youngsters, who surely can only get better with experience.


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