J3 Review: Fujieda MYFC 1-2 Yokohama SCC

Fujieda fell to a third defeat in a row and a second 2-1 loss in succession as YSCC claimed their first win of the season. The result sees MYFC drop to the bottom of the J3 table.

Musashi Mizushima lined up with the usual 4-2-3-1 system. There was only one change from the defeat against Sagamihara last week and that was in defence where Masato Mizuki replaced Daijirou Okuda, with the latter dropping to the bench.

YSCC took the unusual step of starting the match with no recognised forwards so the system looked that a 4-6-0, although they did start with Kazuya Oizumi, who has been used as a forward in the past. Unsurprising for team that has scored just two goals all year but the visitors did have two forwards on the bench in reserve.

The first event of the match saw Shunya Ando pick up a booking for Fujieda in the 17th minute but it was about to get a whole lot worse than a yellow card for Fujieda.

One minute later, the away side broke the deadlock and it was through their main attacking threat that YSCC scored. Oizumi scored his first goal of the season in the 18th minute, it was only the club’s 3rd goal of the season.

Having only scored two goals before this match, YSCC doubled their tally for the entire season ten minutes later when they went 2-0 up. This time it was attacking midfielder Akio Toshima who scored. The goal was the 27-year-old’s 2nd of the season.

With the scoreline at 0-2 at half time, Mizushima clearly wasn’t happy. He made a double sub at half time, taking off Yuhei Murumoto and the booked Shunya Ando and brought on Okuda and Kazushi Uchida. Not the most attacking changes ever.

Thirteen minutes into the second half, nothing had changed so Mizushima made another sub, replacing Takumi Hashimoto with striker Yusuke Ishii, who came on for his debut.

The minutes ticked by and Fujieda still could not break down YSCC. In the 74th minute, midfielder Shogo Nakatsuru came on to replace defender Ryuji Mochizuki in their last roll of the dice.

It seemed to have an effect as with seven minutes remaining, Fujieda pulled one back through Tsugutoshi Oishi, the striker’s 5th goal of the season and his first since his four against Nagano Parceiro last month.

However, the comeback started too late and Fujieda were not able to salvage anything from the match, despite a late rally.

Fujieda MYFC (4-2-3-1) – Park; Narabayashi, Mochizuki (Nakatsuru 74′), Mizuki, Ando (Uchida 45′); Marumoto (Okuda 45′), Sato; Hashimoto (Ishii 58′), Hisatomi, Tanio; Oishi

YSCC (4-6-0) – Minami; Tomozawa (Watanabe 60′), Nakanishi, Hattori, Nishiyama; Oizumi (Inoue 78′), Yamazaki, Mita (Yamamoto 45′), Ozawa, Hirama (Matsuda 65′), Yoshida

Scorers: Oizumi 18′, Yoshida 28′, Oishi 83′

Attendance: 680

Next match: Grulla Morioka (away) 29/04/14

A poor defeat then that sees Fujieda drop to last place. An instant chance to respond on Tuesday night though.


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