J3 Review: Fujieda MYFC 3-1 J League U22

An action-packed first half saw Fujieda MYFC record only their second win of the season as they defeated J League U22 3-1.

Musashi Mizushima chose a 4-4-2 system for Fujieda again but there were changes in defence and midfield. At the back, Desmond and Shunya Ando both dropped out of the squad completely. They were replaced by Ryuji Mochizuki and Masaya Sato, who dropped from midfield into defence. In midfield, Yuichiro Edamoto came into the starting lineup. J League U22 started with a 4-5-1 formation.

Fujieda, without a win since March, were looking for a fast start to try and change that record and after six minutes, it looked like a win may be on the cards, as Tsugutoshi Oishi gave MYFC the lead. It was the forward’s eighth of the season, in just ten games.

Tsugutoshi Oishi celebrating his opener

Tsugutoshi Oishi celebrating his opener

However, there have been a few games this season where Fujieda have taken the lead and then still gone on to lose the game. They needed another goal to really confirm their dominance, and that goal soon came.

In the 27th minute, it was Oishi’s strike partner Yusuke Ishii who scored. It was the striker’s first goal for the club, in his fifth appearance and he’ll be happy to get off the mark.

Yusuke Ishii delighted with his goal.

Yusuke Ishii delighted with his goal.

It looked like the game was heading to half time with Fujieda in a comfortable 2-0 lead but three minutes before the break, J League U22 pulled a goal back. Genta Miura was the one who scored. It was the Shimizu S-Pulse defender’s first goal of the season.

Suddenly, Fujieda’s lead did not look as resounding but one minute later, they soon restored their two goal lead. In his fifth appearance for the club, midfielder Yuichiro Edamoto got his first goal of the season to make it 3-1 to Fujieda at half time.

Yuichiro Edamoto with Fujieda's third.

Yuichiro Edamoto with Fujieda’s third.

Half time saw both teams make changes, with Ken Hisatomi going off for Fujieda. He was replaced by Takahiro Tanio.

The second half was rather uneventful, with the substitutions from both teams disrupting the flow of the game. Masato Mizuki picked up a booking, to add to the one Shogo Nakatsuru picked up in the first half but in the end, the damage had been done in the first half and MYFC had won the match 3-1.

Fujieda MYFC (4-4-2) – Park; Okuda, Uchida, Mochizuki (Marumoto 90+1′), Sato; Mizuki, Nakatsuru, Hisatomi (Tanio 45′), Edamoto (Kutsukake 78′); Oishi, Ishii (Hashimoto 86′)

J League U22 (4-5-1) – Nakamura (Suzuki 45′); Miyahara, Miura, Takahashi, Iwase (Uchiyama 75′); Kida, Fujimura (Maeda 75′), Ogawa (Tamura 65′), Kaneko, Wada; Hira (Kashiwase 65′)

Scorers: Oishi 6′, Ishii 27′, Miura 42′, Edamoto 43′

Attendance: 1,070

Next match: YSCC (home) 25/05/14

A great victory then for Fujieda and a great chance to build on it as MYFC host bottom club YSCC next week.

Photo credits to http://www.j3league.jp/photo/ 


One thought on “J3 Review: Fujieda MYFC 3-1 J League U22

  1. This win must be very significant for Fujieda to climb up J3 table from now on.
    I heard Desmond was not in the pitch because his complaint to a judgement of a referee in the previous match against Akita which resulted a booking. The ban of Desmond followed an internal rule of the club that players should not complain to referees. If a player is booked because of his complaints, he would be banned 3 successive matches. (referring to examples in the past)
    However, Desmond is supposed to return on the pitch next Sunday…

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