J3 Review: Fujieda MYFC 0-1 Grulla Morioka

A return to J3 league action proved unsuccessful for Fujieda MYFC as they lost 1-0 at home to Grulla Morioka.


The match commemorated the fifth anniversary of Fujieda MYFC and the event drew a record crowd. Well that and the fact there was a lot of free beer on offer.

Fujieda MYFC XI

Musashi Mizushima named an unchanged team for the match, after last weeks’ valiant effort against J2 side Júbilo Iwata. On the bench though, there was no space for Desmond and Daisuke Ichikawa remained out of the squad.

Grulla went for a 4-5-1 formation, with top scorer Ryota Doi left on the bench.

Kazushi Uchida winning a header.

The previous two league games have seen Fujieda remain unbeaten with a win and a draw but after just 18 minutes it looked like that unbeaten run could be under pressure as Toshikazu Soya gave the visitors an early lead.

Fujieda now a goal down, would need to find something special to get back into the game but Grulla remained solid. Seven minutes before half time, MYFC made a change with Takahisa Nishiyama going off for Yuichiro Edamoto.

Tsugutoshi Oishi taking a strike

Then, half time saw another change as Shogo Nakatsuru went off for Masato Mizuki.

The changes seemed to have little impact as Grulla remained dominant. Fifteen minutes into the second half saw Yuta Kutsukake go off for Yuhei Marumoto.

In the 75th minute, Mizushima made his fourth change, bringing on Daijirou Okuda for Mitsuru Mansho in a final push to grab a late equaliser.

It was not to be though, as Fujieda could not find a way back into the game and Grulla more than deserved their win, having more shots, more corners and more free kicks.

Fujieda MYFC (4-4-2) – Park; Mansho (Okuda 75′), Uchida, Mochizuki, Sato; Nakatsuru (Mizuki 45′), Kutsukake (Marumoto 60′), Hisatomi, Nishiyama (Edamoto 37′); Ishii, Oishi

Grulla Morioka (4-5-1) – Yokoyama; Tanaka, Okada, Kobayashi, Saito; So. Morita, Matsuda, Takase (Fujishima 90′), Yoshioka (Tomii 84′), Sh. Morita (Sato 71′); Soya (Doi 76′)

Scorers: Soya 18′

Attendance: 3,302

The bumper crowd watch on.

Next game: Sagamihara (away) 27/07/14


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