J3 Preview: Fujieda MYFC v J League U22

JU22 match 3Fujieda will hopefully return to J3 League action this Sunday as they look to secure a first win in six as they host J League U22.

Fujieda MYFC team news
Last Sunday’s match being called off coupled with a week off the Sunday previous, Fujieda will be raring to go this Sunday as they play their first J3 League match in three weeks.

It is a good game to return to competitive action to, as the J League U22 side have also not won any of their last five games.

The break would also mean the MYFC players will be fully rested and desperate to secure three points, having conceded late goals in their last two J3 matches.

This Sunday could also see a debut for striker Takuya Sasagaki. The former Roasso Kumamoto forward signed for Fujieda nearly two weeks ago but has not yet had a chance to play. The forward will offer a much needed boost to Fujieda’s strike force and hopefully reduce the over-reliance on top scorer Tsugutoshi Oishi.

J League U22 fact file
All matches are played away
Tsutomu Takahata
Last season: 

J League U22 have now used well over 80 players this season so whatever side turns up on the day, largely decides how well the side does.

The side have enjoyed seven wins this season, including a 6-0 win over FC Ryukyu but have also suffered some heavy losses including a 6-1 loss to Grulla Morioka. In fact, the side have conceded the most goals in the league.

The lack of chemistry in the squad, clearly affects the side with very inconsistent results. So far this season, Fujieda have met the J League U22 selection twice, with one win each so far.

Last season’s result

Kick off
The match is on Sunday at 17:00 local time or 09:00 UK time.



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