J3 Review: YSCC 2-0 Fujieda MYFC

Fujieda MYFC suffered a disappointing 2-0 loss to bottom club YSCC, meaning going into the final week of the season, MYFC can still finish bottom of the table.

Manager Musashi Mizushima made a few changes to the starting line-up. Out went Kazushi Uchida and Ryuji Mochizuki to be replaced by Daijirou Okuda and Masaya Sato.

After just 23 minutes of the match though, there had to be a another change as Takahisa Nishiyama went off injured. He was replaced by striker Yusuke Ishii.

The game then looked like it would head into half time goalless but one minute before the break, Kazuma Inoue put YSCC into the lead.

MYFC then came out for the second half looking to hit back but just four minutes into the second 45, YSCC doubled their lead. This time it was Kazuki Ito who scored for the hosts.

That five minute spell over the two halves effectively ended the game for Fujieda and despite making three more substitutions, they could not rescue anything from the match. YSCC had secured just their fourth win of the season.

YSCC (3-5-2) – Takahashi; Watanabe, Nakanishi, Ozawa (Hattori 65′); Yamazaki, Hirama, Tomozawa (Umenai 86′), Miura (Aota 78′), Inoue (Yamamoto 58′); Yoshida, Ito (Mita 62′)

Fujieda MYFC (4-5-1) – Park; Sato (Mansho 76′), Okuda, Mochizuki, Narabayashi; Marumoto (Mizuki 59′), Kutsukake, Hashimoto, Nishiyama (Ishii 23′ (Sasagaki 52′)), Hisatomi, Oishi

Scorers: Inoue 44′, Ito 49′

Attendance: 1,139

Next game: Machida Zelvia (home) 23/11/14


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