Squad (選手)

1. Hiroyuki Matsumoto GK
3. Hiroki Narabayashi DF
4. Kazushi Uchida DF
6. Daijirou Okuda MF
7. Masaya Sato DF
8. Takumi Hashimoto FW
9. Yusuke Ishii FW 
10. Ken Hisatomi MF
11. Takahisa Nishiyama FW
14. Yuhei Marumoto MF
15. Mitsuru Mansho FW
16. Masato Mizuki MF
17. Ryuji Mochizuki DF
18. Tsugutoshi Oishi FW
19. Shunya Ando DF
21. Takahiro Tanio FW
22. Yuichiro Edamoto MF
23. Shogo Nakatsuru DF
24. Yuta Kutsukake DF
25. Daisuke Ichikawa DF
26. Il-Kyu Park GK
27. Shunya Kamiya MF
31. Kenta Oishi GK


2 thoughts on “Squad (選手)

  1. Dear Sir,
    Please allow me to suggest about the titles described in Japanese.

    Here at “Squad(分隊を再生)”, “チーム” (stands for Teams) or “選手” (stands for player(s)) seem better.
    If I try to translate “分隊を再生” into English, the result should be “Play the squad”.

    One more thing, “About(約)” sounds a little bit strange.
    Actually “約” has a meaning of “About”, but it’s used like “About $100” in this case.
    As I could not find an exactly matched word, I think “概要” (stands for summary) may be suitable.

    I wish this could be useful for you.

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