Fujieda accepted into J3!

Fujieda MYFC will be competing in the new J. League Division 3 next season after the club’s application was accepted by the J. League.

The news means Fujieda will stay in Japan’s third tier with the JFL now becoming the fourth tier. J3 will be a fully professional league with twelve teams competing in it.

Full list of clubs competing in J3 next year:

  • The losing side of J2–JFL promotion/relegation playoffs – either Gainare Tottori (J2) or Kamatamare Sanuki (JFL)
  • Blaublitz Akita (JFL)
  • Machida Zelvia (JFL)
  • S.C. Sagamihara (JFL)
  • Nagano Parceiro (JFL)
  • Zweigen Kanazawa (JFL)
  • YSCC (JFL)
  • FC Ryukyu (JFL)
  • Fukushima United (JFL)
  • Fujieda MYFC (JFL)
  • J. League U-22 team, composed of best J1 and J2 youngsters in order to prepare them to 2016 Olympics.
  • And either Grulla Morioka, Renofa Yamaguchi or Azul Claro Numazu.



2 thoughts on “Fujieda accepted into J3!

  1. Congratulations. Great news. I wish FC Osaka had done better at the regional championships earlier this month. I was hoping this would be the year that they made the JFL but alas it was not to be.

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